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Surface Aerators

Surface Aerators


Application of surface aeration:

  • In aerobic lagoons, ponds of waste treatment by using activated sludge way.
  • Inflow aeration to water treatment plants to remove odour, iron and manganese.
  • retarding and mixing reservoirs in industrial wastewater treatment
  • Fish culture ponds and aquaculture to supply required oxygen

Characteristics of TEHRAN SEYLAB ZIST Aerations:

  • High oxygenation efficiency and more mixing due to the specific helicoids and hydrodynamic shape of the turbine blades
  • Longevity and extra low depreciation
  • Affordable price, ease of installation, simple and low cost navigation.

هواده های سطحی

TEHRAN SEYLAB ZIST Engineering Company is specially prepared to supply and install the equipments with the best quality and service through its successful experiences and continuous activities in the design, manufacturing of various types of surface mechanical propellers and aerator.

It is worth mentioning that tens of treatment plants throughout the country, while receiving a free consultation from the company, have been able to resolve their operation and environmental problems and have received confirmation request from the Environmental Protection Organization with the improvement of the existing situation or installation of equipment with appropriate capacity and efficiency.

هواده های سطحی

هواده های سطحیهواده های سطحیهواده های سطحیهواده های سطحی