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Pressure Sand Filter

Pressure Sand Filter

Filtration process is one of the most important and well-known methods in water and wastewater treatment and clarification. The main work of the filters is the physical treatment of water by trapping the suspended particles in the filter bed layers. The water that must be clarified, enters from the upper part of the machine and is clarified by passing from the filter bed layers and exits from the bottom part of the filter. Sand filters are capable to separate and remove impurities and particulates larger than 50 microns from water with very high efficiency.

Each filter includes a cylindrical steel tank, piping network with suitable faucets of manual or automatic types to control inlet and outlet water, back wash, collection nozzles and passing water, air escape valve, air pressure gage and access doors for access to inside of the filter. The sand filters bed is granulated from silica with 98% purity in three layers of coarse, medium and fine and, if necessary is as the surface course with a bed of anthracite.

Filter tanks are made of thick steel sheet and painted with anticorrosive coatings of epoxy type. Filters body is supplied of fiberglass or stainless steel in specific applications for corrosive water and wastewater.

TEHRAN SEYLAB ZIST sand filters can be constructed in vertical or horizontal types depending on the quenching capacity and required location. This filter can be constructed and delivered order driven according to the piping system and operating method in manual, semiautomatic and full automatic types. In automatic types, the machine is equipped with a programmable faucet with fully automatic performance.

فیلتر شنی تحت فشار

Sand Filters Bed: Sand filters that are made by TEHRAN SEYLAB ZIST granulated from the highest quality and internal first degree silica with a purity of 98% in three layers of coarse, medium and fine and if necessary it fills with a bed of anthracite carbon granule as a surface course.


Image: Silica and anthracite grains

Filter nozzle plate: Silica or anthracite grains are settled in sand filters on a steel plate called the nozzle plate. The filter nozzle plate is equipped with a suitable amount of nozzles or special spray nozzles for water passage. These nozzles are designed in such way which have grooves and pass water through themselves and maintain the silica in the filter tank in addition to high resistance against the weight of the silicas handful bed.

فیلتر شنی تحت فشار

The company supplies all kinds of silica, anthracite and required nozzles of sand filters.

فیلتر شنی تحت فشار                   فیلتر شنی تحت فشار