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Sluice & Weir Gates

Sluice & Weir Gates

Application of gates:


To close completely or partially the water path with the purpose of controlling the flow rate or high water training at:

  • Open channels of water and wastewater transfer
  • Inlet and outlet of water and wastewater treatment basins
  • Waterworks, irrigation networks and drainage systems
  • Fish farming ponds and aquaculture systems
  • Water and wastewater divider basins

 Main components, technical specifications of TEHRAN SEYLAB ZIST manufacturing gates:

  • Holder frame and gate plate: Stainless steel or ST37 steel with galvanized coating

  • Sealing: by Rubber tape of sealing as insulation from three or four sides.

  • Mechanism of movement: by revolving axis equipped with a bearing and an uplift screw with hand nut or electric actuator.

دریچه های کشویی و سرریز

Tehran SEYLAB ZIST Engineering Company designs and constructs required gate and weirs for your project according to the order based on the dimensions and size of the canal or the opening on the basin wall

دریچه های کشویی و سرریز

دریچه های کشویی و سرریز