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Unit 8, Fourth Floor, Sepidar Complex
next to Shahid Homaie Ave., Resalat
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About us

About US:

Water has been a center of development and civilization from long time ago and its national fund, there is no substitute for it. Deficiency and pollution of water in addition to health and environmental hazards can lead to social crisis and irreversible economic consequences.

Therefore, not only water quantity conservation is essential through consumption optimization methods, but also refining and wastewater reclamation has great importance in aspect of maintaining the water reserves quality, especially in areas which is possibility of surface and groundwater resources pollution.

SETLAB ZIST TEHRAN Engineering Company with this belief and the purpose of providing technical and engineering services in the field of environmental projects and water and wastewater treatment projects is established and started its working in 2001.

The company besides conduction and workshop activities in the field of water and sewage, civil and municipal installations by setting up foreign trade unit and creating mutual technical and commercial cooperation with authentic manufacturers in other countries to transfer technology and supply the required equipment of water and wastewater treatment plants.

The company's services include:

  • Consultation service, mapping and implementation of water and industrial wastewater projects
  • Supplying, manufacturing, installation and commissioning facilities and equipment of treatment plants
  • Repair and maintenance, reconstruction and transfer systems operation and water and wastewater treatment
  • Implementation of civil and industrial projects, including facilities and buildings