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Hydro cyclone Sand Separator

Hydro cyclone Sand Separator

Existences of substances like sand in water not only makes consumers dissatisfied, but also causes pumps erosion, water pollution and damaged piping systems. Therefore, Hydro cyclone Sand Separator could remove sand and abrasive particles from outlet and inlet watering system. This device that has 95% efficiency uses Eddy Current to remove particles big than 75 micron and special weight (6.2) by centrifugal force.

The particles that separate from water via centrifugal force deposit in devices tank and then discharge periodic. Hydro cyclone Sand Separators design and produce according demanding capacity and volume. Regarding to capacity and function you can use several Hydro cyclone Sand Separators in parallel.

SEYLAB ZIST TEHRAN Hydro cyclone Sand Separators produce of steel plate with fine thickness and coloring epoxies anti-corrosion cover. In special cases like in water and corrosive wastewater, filters made of stainless steel.