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Air Blower

Air Blower

Air Blower functions in water and wastewater industry:

Deep aeration in water and wastewater treatment pools

Aeration to fish farming and aquiculture pools

Provide the compressed air in sand filters washing

Each Air Blower packs are include: main blower particle, electromotor, frame and settlement stand, pulley and power transferring strip, air filter, silencer exhaust, relief valve, one-way valve, pressure degree and resilient mounting.

Produced depressed air stream transfer to pool depth by piping and spread in tank floor by aeration diffusers.

دمنده هوا (بلوئر)                  دمنده هوا (بلوئر)

دمنده هوا (بلوئر)

SEYLAB ZIST TEHRAN Company has enough potential to produce kinds of water and wastewater industry blowers particles like: rotors, Bering, strip and pulley, consumable oil, joinders and high pressure hoses, Compressed air seismic seizure with best quality.

Image: Blower Seismic Rubber Interface

دمنده هوا (بلوئر)