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Grease Trap

Grease Trap

Sewages of big kitchens like restaurant, halls and some industrial units contain so much of grease components, oil and suspended particles.

When grease components in much amount enter into sewer pipes, absorbing pits and receiving waters, block routes and fulfill pits. This process creates environmental problems and water and soil pollution.

Grease Trap is a tank that uses to catch and cumulate grease components in kitchens and industrial wastewater sewages. Grease components should drain from the tank periodically.

SEYLAB ZIST TEHRAN Grease Traps design and produce according to suitable capacity and volume. These devices deliver and install to consumer as soon as possible.

These Grease Traps made of spiral two-wall poly etalon in two forms (cylindrical and horizontal). The tanks contain two inner and outer walls, control port, basic deployment and input and output pipes juncture. Grease tanks are waterproof, firm and corrosion resistant.

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