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Activated Carbon Filter

Activated Carbon Filter

One of the best ways to provide fresh water is Activated Carbon Filter. Carbon as absorbing substance contains Porous surface is able to absorb and remove organic materials, murkiness, free chlorine and productive compounds, undesirable smell and taste. Therefore, these filters widely use to provide industrial and drinking water.

Each filter included a steel cylindrical tank, piping system with manual and automatic valve for iterance and outraces water control, passing and cumulating water nozzles, Air evacuation valve, barometer, control valves.  Activated Carbon Filters made of carbon granule and silos. Their tanks made of steel plates in fine thickness and covered by coloring epoxy. In special cases for water and wastewater, filters made of fiberglass and stainless steel.

SEYLAB ZIST Tehran Activated Carbon Filter made in required sizes according to capacity and volume. Base on piping system and lunching way, there are manual and semi-automatic and automatic types. Automatics ones equipment with programmable valves and auto function.

فیلتر ذغال فعال

Image: Activated Carbon Beads

فیلتر ذغال فعال